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Well written essay is not about writing all the ideas that come into your mind. You have to carefully analyze the question, organize your arguments and present it effective as to convey the information properly. If you want to practice your skills on writing great essays, there are sample essay questions that might prove helpful to you.

Here are sample essay questions and answers that can serve as guide on how you can develop your ideas and formally deliver it to your readers.

  1. Do you think that schools should track students with tracking technology?

This is a good idea because parents, teachers, etc. can know where you are at all times. This is a bad idea because you don’t know who is getting all of this information from, how they are using it, and what they are using it for.

  1. Why do you want to study this program instead of other more popular programs?

I am interested in current and future developments of this field. Given that I have a particular career path in my mind, i think choosing this field is beneficial not only for my academic but also for my professional career.

  1. Which part is enjoyable on your part in studying in this program?

In terms of skills and expertise, this program has developed my ability to think critically. Not just to look at the surface but also analyze what is underneath it.

  1. What are your experiences and what have you learned from acquiring it?

I have a god deal of accomplishments and completing them enabled me to showcase my reliability, motivation and dedication. It is also a good indicator that i am driven and hardworking – two of the most crucial aspects that you can find in a student and worker.

  1. Why should you be offered a place?

I am committed in continuing the excellence i have started in my academic career. these advancements in my life allow me to contribute something significant to the community.

  1. What unique features that you can bring to the company?

Over the course of my academic career, i have contributed not only to my field but also to the community as a whole. i am a firm believer that my skills, achievements and qualifications make me a good leader and follower.

  1. Describe skills that you possessed when you got your first job?

My first job was tough as i was required to constantly work under pressure but this helped me manage my time and effort better. I can deal well with heavy workload at minimal time without compromising the quality of the final result.

  1. Name something you think the company can offer you.

I think that this company can provide me with great opportunities to hone my craft. It can also be the perfect breeding ground for new skills by working alongside with great people.

  1. Describe your career plans.

Getting into the best academic program is the first of the many steps i intend to make to attain my career goal. Working up the ladder requires continuous learning and i wish to gather as much skills and qualifications to become an asset to any company that can provide me with good employment opportunity.

  1. What qualities do you have that makes you a good candidate?

I am enthusiastic, responsible, hardworking, and understands the value of integrity. These examples have helped me in the past in terms of overcoming failures.

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