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Studying for an incoming test may be one of the challenging parts of being a study. Your scores are crucial if you want to secure a successful academic career. Fortunately, you can enjoy free kinetics practice online and additionally check out mechanics exam questions. These kinetics exam questions help measure your ability to solve problems and understand better various topics. In fact, pre test sample is effective in evaluating your readiness and help you prepare for the actual exam. Here are sample of kinetics practice test to learn effectively:

  1. Which of the following statements for order of reaction is not correct?
  1. Order can be determined experimentally
  2. It is not affected with the stoichiometric coefficients of the reactants
  3. Order of a reaction is equal to the sum of the power of concentration terms in differential rate law
  4. Order cannot be fractional (Answer)
  1. Radioactivity of a sample (z = 22) decreases 90% after 10 years. What will be the half-life of the sample?
  1. 2 years
  2. 3 years (Answer)
  3. 5 years
  4. 10 years
  1. a catalyst is a substance which
  1. increases the equilibrium concentration of the product
  2. Increases the equilibrium constant of the reaction.
  3. supplies energy to the reaction
  4. shortens the time to reach equilibrium (Answer)
  1. The rate of reaction between two reactants A and B decreases by a factor of 4 if the concentration of reactant B is doubled. The order of reaction with respect to reactant B is
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. -2 (Answer)
  4. -1
  1. The activation energy of a reaction at a given temperature is found to be 2.303 RT J mol–1. The ratio of rate constant to the Arrhenius factor is
  1. 0.001
  2. 0.02
  3. 0.01
  4. 0.1 (Answer)
  1. The rate of a chemical reaction doubles for every 10°C rise of temperature. If the temperature is raised by 50°C, the rate of the reaction increases by about:
  1. 64 times
  2. 10 times
  3. 24 times
  4. 32 times (Answer)
  1. The time required for 100% completion of a zero order reaction is
  1. a/k (Answer)
  2. a/2k
  3. ak
  4. 2k/a
  1. The rate constant of a first order reaction depends on the
  1. temperature (Answer)
  2. time
  3. concentration of the reactant
  4. concentration of the product
  1. A reaction involving two different reactants can never be
  1. Bimolecular reaction
  2. Second order reaction
  3. First order reaction
  4. Unimolecular reaction (Answer)
  1. In a first order reaction, the concentration of the reactant decreases from 0.8 M to 0.4 M in 15 minutes. The time taken for the concentration to change from 0.1 M to 0.025 M is
  1. 15 min
  2. 30 min (Answer)
  3. 7.5 min
  4. 60 min

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Study and Solve Problems Using Free Kinetics Exam Questions

Studying is not without difficulties but with our exam preparation tips and samples like kinematics practice test, you can surely come prepared and ready. Here are basic guide for proficient online exam preparation:

  1. Find the right place to study. It should be somewhere quiet, clean and conducive for learning.
  2. Do the hard topics first. You can also use pre test sample online to help refresh your brain from numerous topics.
  3. Review regularly and avoid cramming as this will make it impossible for you to remember all crucial points.
  4. Have a positive attitude about studying. If your current study technique is not working, use other exam preparation tips as this may be more effective for you.
  5. Lastly, use free help for students online. Aside from helpful online exam preparation guide, you can also enjoy kinetics practice test to evaluate yourself.

We can also provide you with multiple interactive quizzes and tests that will improve your test taking skills. Our round the clock help for students is perfect for last minute academic assistance.

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