How to Avoid Procrastinating When Writing Your Essay

Have you ever found yourself head in the clouds when you sit down to prepare for college scholarship essay questions, for example? And no matter what you do, you keep finding more interesting and “important” things to do then writing. Well, you’re quite familiar with procrastination then. Causes of writing procrastination can include fear of failure, embarrassment, and insecurity. It can also be due to distractions and lack of interest in the topic. Some other causes include lack of motivation and skill deficiency. Finally, it can be due to mental illnesses. Now, do you want to know how to write without procrastinating?
how to write without procrastinating

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How To Write Without Procrastinating

Know exactly how and when you procrastinate so that you can stop the bad behavior. You should think of the clues that indicate you are experiencing it. You can make visual image of the consequences of not writing or reasons you are avoiding it. What are the ways you are procrastinating?

  • Trying to ignore your essay
  • Letting a short break become a long one that you no longer write at all
  • Focusing on only one aspect of the writing task
  • Spending too much time on thinking about the topic
  • Minimizing the impact of your performance on your future
  • Underestimating or overestimating the difficulty of the essay to write

Ways to Fight Writing Procrastination

  • Choose to work in a productive environment – without the TV or any distractive noise from an electronic device. You may want to write somewhere where there is no internet connection.
  • Consider when to write. You should know the perfect time of writing for you – it can be in the morning or in the evening. Know when your brain is most alert and select that time when to write your essay.
  • Write down the reasons you’re delaying the writing process.
  • Don’t anticipate the difficulty in the writing task. If you do, you might delay it for a longer time instead of starting with the project.
  • Break down your essay. For example, you may choose writing the introduction this morning, the body in the afternoon and the conclusion in the evening, whatever works.

There you have some causes of delaying the writing task and ways that you could overcome the negative behavior.

Finally, get expert help if you think that you cannot really eliminate the procrastination and learn how to write without procrastinating. Turn to for all of the help, advice and tips that you need for writing your essay!