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There are many resources available online that come very handy when you are studying for your exam. Sample accounting exam questions can test your knowledge on common test scenarios. You will be better prepared if you studied and practice before the actual exam, for example you can learn management accounting exam questions. The good thing about pre test sample is that they have answers which give you the chance to review topics that you may not be familiar with. If you are looking for great help for students to improve their test scores, here are top 10 sample account exam questions and answers:

  1. Assets are usually reported on the balance sheet at which amount?
  1. Cost (Answer)
  2. Current Market Value
  3. Expected Selling Price
  1. Unearned Revenues is what type of account?
  1. Asset
  2. Liability (Answer)
  3. Stockholders’ (Owner’s) Equity
  1. Which term is associated with “left” or “left-side”?
  1. Debit (Answer)
  2. Credit
  1. Which term is associated with “right” or “right-side”?
  1. Debit
  2. Credit (Answer)
  1. When the employer pays the employee in 2016 for the vacation earned in 2015, what account will the company debit?
  1. Cash
  2. Vacation Expense
  3. Vacation Payable (Answer)
  1. Which principle or guideline allows a company to ignore the change in the purchasing power of the dollar over time?
  1. Cost
  2. Economic Entity
  3. Monetary Unit (Answer)
  1. Which principle/guideline justifies a company violating an accounting principle because the amounts are immaterial?
  1. Conservatism
  2. Full Disclosure
  3. Materiality (Answer)
  1. Public utilities’ balance sheets list the plant assets before the current assets. This is acceptable under which accounting principle/guideline?
  1. Conservatism
  2. Cost
  3. Industry Practices (Answer)
  1. Accrual accounting is based on this principle/guideline.
  1. Cost
  2. Full Disclosure
  3. Matching (Answer)
  1. Suppliers are also referred to as __________.
  1. Vendors (Answer)
  2. Debtors

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Students are constantly worried before they take their exams mainly because tests play a crucial role in the outcome of your grades. Here are some exam preparation tips that may be useful:

  • Do not cram but instead prepare days ahead to cover as much topics as possible.
  • Organize your study notes and review them thoroughly.
  • Focus on areas that you think are your weaknesses.
  • Take advantage of online resources to maximize the success of your exam.
  • Use CPA exam financial accounting and reporting sample questions online; this will help you prepare for the actual test.
  • Pre test sample is very useful and many students can attest to this. Utilize these and get free sample accounting exam questions online.
  • Get a good night’s rest; this will prepare you physically and mentally for the exam.

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Test and improve your knowledge now with our sample accounting exam questions!