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Students can now get free study resources online thus making it easier to ace the exams. Sample test with quality inorganic chemistry exam questions allows you to evaluate topics that you have not yet mastered. You can use a pre test sample as an efficient solution to improve your knowledge and encourage further reading on areas that require more learning. A free inorganic chemistry practice test is one of the best online exam preparation guides that enables you to direct your learning on topics that you find challenging. And obviously, that you can practice such preparation for all subjects, for instance you can use coordinate geometry exam questions.

The following are free inorganic chemistry exam questions that you can use to learn and review:

  1. An equilibrium constant of 10-4 for a reaction means that the reaction is…
  1. One that will have 50% product and 50% reactant at equilibrium.
  2. One that is very favorable and will have mostly product at equilibrium.
  3. one that is unfavorable and will not have very much product at equilibrium (Answer)
  4. The equilibrium constant only relates to the speed of a reaction and not to the amount of product formed.
  1. If the temperature of a reaction is increased by 20oC, the reaction rate will be…
  1. 2 times as fast.
  2. 4 times as fast (Answer)
  3. 20 times as fast.
  4. Unchanged because the reaction rate is not dependent on the temperature.
  1. If additional calcium phosphate is added to the above reaction mixture, what will happen to the overall reaction?
  1. There will be no change in the overall reaction.
  2. The reaction will occur at a faster rate.
  3. Less of the reactants will react in order to compensate for the increase in the amount of one of the products of the reaction. (Answer)
  4. More of the reactants will have to react in order to compensate for the increase in the amount of one of the products of the reaction.
  1. In a single replacement reaction, why will one metal replace another metal in an ionic compound?
  1. The metal will replace another metal if it has a smaller mass and thus is able to hit the ionic compound with a higher velocity and thus more energy.
  2. The metal will replace another metal if it has a larger mass and thus is able to hit the ionic compound with more energy.
  3. The metal will replace another metal if it can gain electrons more readily than the other metal.
  4. The metal will replace another metal if it can lose electrons more readily than the other metal. (Answer)
  1. When two ionic compounds are dissolved in water, a double replacement reaction can:
  1. Never occur since all ions in water are “spectator ions”.
  2. Occur if two of the ions form an insoluble ionic compound, which precipitates out of solution. (Answer)
  3. Occur if the ions react to form a gas, which bubbles out of the solution.
  4. Occur only if the ions form covalent bonds with each other.
  1. The pH of a 1 molar solution of a weak acid with a Ka = 10-10 will be…
  1. 2.5
  2. 5(Answer)
  3. 10
  4. 1.5
  1. What is the oxidation number of chromium in the ionic compound Na2Cr2O7?
  1. 2
  2. 6 (Answer)
  3. 7
  4. 2
  1. What is the oxidation number of nitrogen in the molecule N2?
  1. 0 (Answer)
  2. 3
  3. 5
  4. 7
  1. Which of the following compounds is the strongest Bronsted base?
  1. NaHSO4
  2. NaCH3CO2 (Answer)
  3. NaNO3
  4. NaH2PO4
  1. The “conjugate acid” in the reaction of H2SO4 with NaOH is:
  1. H2SO4
  2. NaOH
  3. Na2SO4
  4. H2O (Answer)

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