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Free Challenging Kinematics Practice Test and Sample Questions

You can prepare for your exam using our kinematics practice test as this has been updated to reflect the needs of students. You can use such practice for all subject and check out for instance financial accounting exam questions. You may also ask us for help in a professional technical report. Online exam preparation is vital if you want to fare well in your test and our pre test sample will help you work through as many questions as possible to master various areas effectively. Our kinematics practice test is available online anytime making it a viable study material for all students. Get started on your test preparation right now with these top 10 kinematics exam questions:

  1. We drive a distance of 1 km at 16 km/h. Then we drive an additional distance of 1 km at 32 km/h. What is our average speed?
  1. 21.3 km/h (Answer)
  2. 19 km/h
  3. 25.3 km/h
  4. 20.1 km/h
  1. A train covers 60 miles between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. How fast was it going at 3 p.m.?
  1. 40 mph
  2. 30 mph (Answer)
  3. 35 mph
  4. 45 mph
  1. How high can a human throw a ball if he can throw it with initial velocity 90 mph?
  1. 81.23 m
  2. 80.7 m
  3. 82.45 m
  4. 84.3 m (Answer)
  1. It takes you 9.5 minutes to walk with an average velocity of 1.2 m/s to the north from the bus stop to museum entrance. What is your displacement?
  1. 5415 m (Answer)
  2. 5621 m
  3. 5143 m
  4. 5192 m
  1. What is 3.3 slug in kilograms?
  1. 47.12 kg
  2. 52.21 kg
  3. 48.16 kg (Answer)
  4. 55.84 kg
  1. The car drives straight off the edge of a cliff that is 57 m high. The investigator at the scene of the accident notes that the point of impact is 130 m from the base of the cliff. How fast was the car traveling when it went over the cliff?
  1. 35 m/s
  2. 36 m/s
  3. 37 m/s
  4. 38 m/s (Answer)
  1. The slowest animal ever discovered is a crab found in the Red Sea that travels an average speed of 5.7 km/year. How long will it take this crab to travel 1 meter?
  1. 62 minutes
  2. 85 minutes
  3. 92 minutes (Answer)
  4. 103 minutes
  1. The highest barrier that a projectile can clear is 14 m, when the projectile is launched at an angle of 30.0 degrees above the horizontal. What is the projectile’s launch speed?
  1. 33.1 m/s (Answer)
  2. 33.4 m/s
  3. 33.8 m/s
  4. 33.2 m/s
  1. A car starts from the rest and accelerates uniformly for t=5 seconds over a distance of 100m. What is the acceleration of the car?
  1. 6 m/s²
  2. 8 m/s² (Answer)
  3. 10 m/s²
  4. 14 m/s²
  1. If it takes a player 3 seconds to run from the batter’s box to the first base at an average speed of 6.5 m/s, what is the distance she covers in that time?
  1. 17.5 m
  2. 13.4 m
  3. 11.2 m
  4. 19.5 m (Answer)

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Kinematics Exam Questions to Evaluate Readiness and Expertise

Students should know how to prepare for an exam in order to ensure that you can pass it in flying colors. Fortunately, you can quickly get help for students for a hassle and stress free test. We list top 5 best exam preparation tips that will hopefully benefit all students:

  1. You need all the time you can get. Start studying days ahead instead of cramming it all in one night.
  2. Cover as much topics as possible but without stressing yourself. If there are areas that you find easier, you can just skip it and review later on. It is best to focus on topics that are difficult.
  3. Work with groups. Group study can be extremely helpful especially if you have limited notes.
  4. One of the most vital exam preparation tips is to never avoid losing sleep especially if your test is tomorrow. You should be well rested in order to think and perform well.
  5. Get as much help as you can get. Use free pre test sample to test yourself and practice using the same conditions as actual exams.

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