10 Common College Application Essay Questions

common college application essay questions
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Best Examples of Common College Application Essay Questions

Essay writing section of your college application is one of the most difficult parts as you have to demonstrate your creativity while expressing your own personal opinion, ideas and expertise. To reflect better and create well written answers, you can use common college application essay questions. This can give you the assistance necessary to prepare ahead of time and you can make potentialĀ essay questions and answers that will catapult your application to guaranteed success.

Here are top 10 of common college application essay questions:

  1. Recount an experience where you failed and discuss how it affected you and what you learned from it.
  2. Reflect the time where you belief and ideologies were challenged.
  3. Do you think that you should stick to the fundamental morals and values you were brought up even if you think it are incorrect?
  4. Describe a time where you solved a problem. What steps did you take to solve it?
  5. Tell an experience where you showcase your leadership. Was it better or do you prefer being a follower/
  6. Discuss a personal achievement and tell us how it helped you realize your future goals.
  7. Recount a moment in life where you were fundamentally changed as a person.
  8. Do you have any extracurricular activity that helped you define who you are not as a student but as a person?
  9. Evaluate a significant experience that coerced you to go out of your comfort zone.
  10. After finishing school, what do you intend to do with your learning and education?

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Self-reflection can be tough especially if you have time constraints. Actual exams can be unnerving but by using our sample college application essay questions andĀ example of academic essay, you can showcase your best asset and personality. The admission committee will use your essay as a method to evaluate your analytical capacity so make sure to answer eloquently. Our common college application essay questions let you practice and prepare which is crucial for any applications.

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